Maritime Security Solution Provides Protection
Security and Intelligent Surveillance of the Ocean

Protection of our nation’s coastal borders is becoming a top priority in this day and age as technological innovations sweep the planet. The production of cheap, highly effective mines by foreign and potentially hostile navies is increasing on an exponential scale. According to the Navy’s 2009 report, “21st Century U.S Navy Mine Warfare; Ensuring Global Access and Commerce,” there are more than 300 types of sea mines produced by 30 countries and more than a quarter-million sea mines in the inventories of 50 navies around the world.

Even more worrisome is the diesel/electric submarine threat. Navy officials contend that an undersea arms race already has begun in the western Pacific. China is steadily increasing its diesel/electric fleet and now other Pacific Asian countries are following suit. The Asian submarine market represents the largest in the world. In the Middle East, Iran threatens international access to strategic coastal areas and shipping lanes with floating mines & submarines capable of interrupting the flow of commerce throughout the region. The Submaran would be an invaluable asset with respect to national and international defense, monitoring of ports and vessels, and coastal law enforcement.