Own, operate:
The ideal platform for a full range of applications.

Designed for multi-sensor configuration and system compatibility.

Practical and easy to transport from land, sea or air, the Ocean Aero Submaran™ S10 has the power and payload for a wide range of sensors systems. With a sizeable (and scalable) 23kg payload area, the Submaran can transport and power up systems with 50 watts continous solar rechargeable battery power. The combination of wind and solar power gives the Submaran added manueverability for extended station keeping and ongoing ocean surveying and observation.

Submaran offers the ideal platform for scientific, commercial, government, defense and intelligence applications including:

- Environmental Monitoring and Sampling
- Remote Area Monitoring and Protection
- Marine Mammal Tracking
- Ocean Water Column Sampling
- Fisheries Monitoring
- Oceanographic Data Gathering
- Meteorological Data Gathering
- Bathymetry
- Hydrography
- Littoral Ocean Floor Mapping
- Ocean Current Measurement
- Asset Surveillance and Security
- Gateway Communications

Available for ownership and configuration, the Submaran can host a wide variety of information gathering sensors and data storage and communication systems. The Submaran data platform easily integrates with existing systems and offers a cloud infrastructure for data previewing and downloading.

Sensor and instrumentation compatibility.

Payload area and power distribution enable the Submaran to transport a full range of ocean observation tools including:

- Weather
- Dissolved Oxygen
- Wave
- Intelligent Gateway
- Acoustic Modems
- Cellular and WiFi Connectivity
- Magnetometer
- Satellite Communications
- Seismic Survey
- Directional Drilling
- METOC Forecasting
- Hydrocarbon Detection