Chris is most recently a Consultant to Earthship Deep Challenge, James Cameron’s expedition to the bottom of the ocean. This involved developing inertial measurement instrumentation, performing flight dynamics scale model testing and designing stabilization aerodynamic fins for the final vehicle. Prior to that he was the Senior Scientist for MshipCo, developing new sensors, and measurement systems for Navy Contract, including hydrodynamic analysis of innovative planeing hulls and the testing, R&D and development of a new high speed Naval surface effect craft.

Chris also has significant ocean racing design experience work with BMW Oracle Racing, multihull challenge for the America’s Cup. He has held the position of Manager of the Instrumentation, Analysis and Performance Optimization Department. This role included aerodynamic design of their Wing Sail, Meteorological modeling, as well as developing several advanced sensors. Prior to this he was Technical Director for Oracle Racing, challenger for the America’s Cup. This role involved both technical management and design team coordination, as well as specific contributions of design and analysis in all areas of underwater aerodynamics, hull design, mast and sail aerodynamics, and several projects involving advanced technology and innovation.

Chris also has established business that develops and manufactures innovative miniaturized electronic wireless sensors including compasses, load-cells, anemometry, pressure, motions, and dynamometry. He also co-developed an advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics flow simulation and visualization program for aero and hydrodynamic use.

BSEE, Electrical Engineering University of Michigan 1972